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What do we mean by people "Doing the Right Things?"

Process Improvement is only part of the answer. If you try to improve a wrong process, you'll waste resources, good will, and potential results.


Process Validation is needed first to reconfirm that the market place, your business objectives, and the needs of the customers demand the process you are considering to use.


Story: I was on a team once to change a process to get costs out and still deliver the results we currently achieved (99% accuracy.) We mapped out the process steps, noted the time and costs each step contributed to our results, and recommended changes that made the process less costly to complete. We did not know that the expectation our 'customers' had of our new process (since we were making changes) had moved on to expect a more automated and less repetitive input system for themselves. When we tried to implement 'our improvements', we had a rebellion. (Ref: internal payroll time keeping story)


What can you do to know you are "Doing the Right Things"?

Have (or Find) the right knowledge you will need. - 'W. Edward Deming' theory of reality based decisions.

Get outside help - objective, non-employee inputs are very important. Human nature drives internal people to be defensive, political, or victims of revenge. (Sorry, it happens.)

Be supportive - not blindly; what budget is needed for what results - demand this information.

Review often - "your actions that show your interest" are more important than words alone.

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