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Helping YOU get the "Right People, Doing the Right Things"!
By asking the right questions of your assessments & processes!

How do you know you are: "Getting the Right People"?

Do you focus on:

  1. Knowledge, Skills, Experience - Those with education and work history?

  2. Attitudes & Ethics - Those that "feel" right? Team players, easy to like, etc.?

  3. Strengths & Talents - Long term potential? Their natural passion is aligned with your need?

What can you do to get the "Right People"?

A. Decide if you have time to really get the right person or do you need a "warm body".

B. Confirm the requirement of the role you need to have filled. Do you need a salesperson who is a "Bear Hunter" or a "Bear Skinner". (Sorry, animal rights folks.)

C. Do you or your employees/vendors/customers know the right person and make referrals?

D. Go into "recruiting mode". Do it yourself or hire it done; how much energy do you have?

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"Getting the Right People, Doing the Right Things"

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