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"Right Things" - Ethics in Business

Check out the Garland Rotary Club Ethics Project currently in progress!

How do you know your organization has the right Ethics in Business culture?

  • What do you do to show your ethical beliefs?

  • What proof do you have that others in your organization share those beliefs?

  • What documentation do you have to support your actions?

  • What would your customers or vendors say about your business ethics?

Story: A couple I know have a child care business. They have customers who can be very demanding. One benefit included access to the center's website so parents could share questions and receive the latest information. Web cameras were installed so parents could see their children at almost any time. Once, a customer became unreasonably demanding and the decision was made to ask her to take her child and leave. There was a disconnect in service expectation and what could be reasonably provided.

Other parents informed the couple that the parting customer posted some very negative comments about their company on the website before her access was removed. When the couple read these comments, they initially could not decide how best to respond. It was late; so they chose to sleep on it and address the issues the following day.

When they got back to the site, to their delight, many other customers had posted their own contrary views and challenged the disgruntled parent. The couple's ethics in business that guided them every day overcame the challenge one customer chose to make public. No other actions were necessary. The couple's business reputation was sufficient enough that no response was needed to keep the trust of their customers.

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