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About 2 Transform Business
2 Transform Business was founded by Bill Parker in 2001. From his 21 years of Human Resources (HR) work experience with Texas Instruments and Fujitsu in the USA and on international assignement, he developed an understanding of what two critical areas of focus are really important for an organization to be successful and have a sustainable future.

As a Strategic Management Consultant and member of the Institute of Management Consultants USA, he helps organizations learn:

Your Company's Real Business Challenges:

Organizations who are successful at "Getting the Right People, Doing the Right Things" have a competitive advantage in the global economy. They focus on the two basic challenges of determining first who is the best person available for the work role, and then how to always be improving the work's results This applys to what ever the business environment is and what the future may be.

To begin, acknowledge that your people's knowledge is the critical component to your competitive advantage regardless of your organization's size. Finding that knowledge, keeping it so it can be easily found again, and having it ready for use when needed makes your future. This knowledge and its "flow" in the organization depends on people, regardless of the information technology being used.

Critical Capabilities of the Organization that Bill Helps Improve:

  • Communicating and engaging people in the success of the organization. (The "Why" we are here!)

  • Clarifying accountabilities and identifying the people best suited to do the work. (The "Who will do What" assignements.)

  • Improving business processes to support a culture that manages knowledge correctly. (The care and use of knowledge.)

  • Implementing business strategies to make the vision of the organization a reality. (The continuous improvement culture.)

  • Identifying, coaching, and developing leaders for today and the future. (Developing a sustainable future.)

Results That Have Been Achieved by Bill:

  • Knowledge Management Director changed his priority from focusing first on the Information Technology tool to communicating more to the people on why the tool was chosen. Usage patterns changed from "resistance" to requests to add outside suppliers to the network so the people could serve the customers better and quicker.
  • Managers with people retention of less than 80% per year, adopted techniques to increase listening to the people's work perspective and need for training. Through better attention on the careers of the people, retention increased above 100% and recruiting costs fell 25%. Bill Parker
  • A work team located in California, Texas, and London England had one week minimum cycle times on projects. Bill identified and trained the team on a work communication & collaboration tool that reduced cycle times down to as low as two hours.

Bill's work experience:
Attention to detail, ability to focus, and speed of action were evident early in Bill's working career. As an US Air Force Instructor and Fighter Pilot, he learned the value of planning for any unexpected outcome or emergency, debriefing each "engagement", and making adjustments to be better the next time. Bill has 21 years of corporate business experience in Human Resources with Texas Instruments and Fujitsu. His work assignments covered all areas of personnel including two-years in Europe as a manufacturing plant's Personnel Director. Bill works with business leaders to improve their success by integrating technology and people processes.


BS Physics, Iowa State Univ., Ames, Iowa

MBA, Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Professional Associations:

Service Organization:

Institute of Management Consultants - USA

Rotary International - Garland Rotary Club

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214 - 686 - 6179 (Office)

E-Mail Address: Bill@2transformbusiness.com



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